Saturday, August 6, 2011


Where did the summer go? I thought I had so much time to do all kinds of crafty things and I really haven't been motivated to get through the regular sewing stuff. Guess the weather will do that to a girl. I have, however, read several books this summer, and I mean maybe 7. That is a number far larger than I think I have ever read in such a short amount of time. So, I apologize for running off for so long, but here are those AMAZING picnic quilts I was telling you about months ago. We have enjoyed them a few times, I just love all of the colors! Thank goodness for a large scrap stash and free vintage sheets!!! I also used some nylon fabric between the two layers to keep out the damp ground, they are perfect.
Hope you are still hanging in there. Around here school doesn't start for another few weeks, so we are soaking up what is left of our summer and crossing our fingers for some better weater!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Sewing

One of the things I love about knowing how to sew is that when you need, or want something specific, you can make it. Sometimes it requires finding a pattern, other times it takes thinking of your own pattern and hoping that it works. I feel like I have really perfected the latter of those options over the past couple of years.

I found this cute, vintage picnic basket during a recent antique shop visit and I had to have it for the price. Of course, what am I going to do with a picnic basket I asked myself, well have picnics of course my friend said as I tried to talk myself out of it. My love of the basket won out. Of course, I have already started using it as a bag, carrying sewing projects and magazines, so I decided it needed a liner. I started measuring, sewing and this was the final product. I LOVE the fabric and had been waiting for the perfect project to use it for. This was it!! Now I have a functional, cute basket for picnics or whatever else I decide to use it for, I am a happy girl! I also decided if I'm going to have a cute basket for picnics, I need a cute blanket to go with it! So, I set out to reduce my scrap basket by cutting 4" squares out of just about every piece in there. Approximately 290 squares later I have the beginning of a scrap picnic quilt. Stay tuned for pictures of that project, it is in the making!

And I have to mention the skirt pictured here because it was completely free for me! My grandma gave me the piece of denim, she had the pattern, I had the zipper and the fabric I used for the flower. I have been wanting to make a skirt with a flower for 2 years now and when I saw the denim, I knew it was perfect! I love the casualness of this skirt, but it can also dress up easily! I have already worn it a couple of times, despite the cooler weather, can't wait til it gets nicer and I have more opportunities to show it off! Finally, projects for myself! Back to the sewing machine....

Guest Book Quilt Finished

I wanted to add a picture of the completed guest book quilt. It looks so fresh and tropical, all bound and quilted! This project has been in its new home for a couple of weeks now, and also received rave reviews. I was so glad to hear the newlywed couple enjoyed their completed project! It was great to work with the gal and also nice that we could coordinate the project from opposite coasts and still have such an amazing final product!

All Done!!!

Well, here are the pictures of the rest of the large bag order. I finished it last week and was able to send it out before the holiday weekend. They arrived at their destination and the bags received rave reviews! I am so proud of my work, they all turned out so beautifully! I have to say, I do have a favorite though, which one is your favorite?

I used several pieces of fabric from Amy Butler's new line, Soul Blossoms. There is some Amy Butler Lotus collection, Love collection and Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane fabric as well. Quite a variety! I have been working on some other fun stuff that I will post about later today or tomorrow! Enjoy!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Project Updates...

Well, as you can see, I have extremely busy, although if I was only busy with this part of my life, I think I would be much further along on my projects. I have completed 2 sets of the bags for my big order, they turned out so nice, much better in person! (I think it is almost time for a new camera, these pictures are not as good as they could be, sorry!) I also sewed the top of the guest book quilt together and it's ready for hand quilting, hopefully this week I will get a large portion of that finished.

And I had 2 shows last week, a small show at our preschool that was quite a success for Mother's day, and the Garden Show that I did last year. Unfortunately, the Garden Show was a bust this year, so maybe I will skip it next year, but I came out a bit ahead of the game between the two shows, so that felt good! I was really excited about my displays this time around though, I had the dress form for my aprons and I added produce to the bags to show their size. So, live and learn!

I am off to cut some fabric for more of that bag order, I wish I could spend the morning shopping for fabric and patterns, maybe tomorrow...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Big Order!

Just thought I would pop in really quick and show you this stack of gorgeousness (is that even a word?). I will be using this mostly Amy Butler stack of fabric, mostly Soul Blossoms, to create 57 small tote bags for my now largest order ever! I'm really excited to be working with such beautiful pieces, the bags are going to be amazing! I separated the large job into 7 different combos in order to make it less overwhelming. So far I have the first combo about half finished. Luckily I have until the beginning of June to finish and ship the whole lot, so I'm trying to fit in sewing when I can. Life is crazy, so I'm doing my best, but am very hopeful that I will finish these long before their due date. After all, this time last year I finished 40 of these totes in 6 days, see this post, guess these will be a piece of delicious cake then! If I don't check in for a bit you will know why...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Kid Stuff

Well, I'm a little later than I had hoped to be, but here is the picture of the fabric I used for the new colored pencil roll and bag sets. There are 2 combinations for boys and 2 for girls and they all look SO cute!! I will just tease you with these fabrics and you can check out my shop this weekend for what they actually look like. Some lucky kids out there are going to be enjoying these really bright, fun fabrics very soon!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Market Totes

Hi all! I just wanted to let you know that I have put all of the new Market Totes into my etsy shop, please check them out! I am really excited to see what kind of reception they will receive! The produce bags I put in there a couple of weeks ago, have almost completely sold out! Also, keep an eye out for some more pencil rolls and matching bags. I think those are next on my list. I will post pictures once I get started! Might not be until next week as this week seems to be extra busy! Thanks for following, I appreciate it!

Happy almost Spring to all!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Glimpse

Well, here they are, the squares are ready to be mailed back to New York tomorrow! I am SO excited to see what Marcia thinks of everything! This is just a glimpse of what the quilt could look like when it's finished. It will be 48" square and has a place for 60 people to sign it. My house feels so tropical when I lay the pieces out!

Nice fabric choices Marcia, it will look amazing when it's finished! So, everyone out in blogland, this quilt will come back to me next month, stay tuned for the finished product...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Guest Book Quilt #2

I know its not the greatest picture, but here is the pile of fabric I will be using for my next Guest Book Quilt! I am very excited to do this project for someone I have never even met in person! She is putting her trust and faith in me to create a beautiful heirloom (no pressure right?) and I am looking forward to doing that for her!
Guest Book Quilt #2 will be the same pattern as Guest Book Quilt #1 that I made last year for my dear friend. The color scheme for this quilt is very tropical; teal, turquoise, bright yellow and white to name a few. Stay tuned for pictures of the squares before they are mailed away (to New York) for signing.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Meet, The "Market Tote"

So, here it is, I couldn't wait to share it because I think it is so fun! This is the new canvas tote I mentioned yesterday, just finished tweaking the pattern and sewing these babies up! I'm calling it the Market Tote because I feel like it would make a great addition to your farmer's market trip, especially with some of the reusable produce bags I just put into my etsy shop! It's a single layer of canvas, with some raw-edged cotton fabrics added to give it some flair and a handy pocket. I am going to take some pictures and add these to my shop as soon as the sun comes back. Could be a few days though. Until then, I would love to answer any questions or take orders. Not sure how much I will charge just yet, still mulling that over. Enjoy these bright bags, especially if the weather is as grey where you are as it is here!!!

Something New

Just thought I would drop in and give you a little taste of what is to come. I have decided it's time to use some canvas and I'm loving the results. Stay tuned for a new bag design. I will post pictures in a couple of days.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wall Pocket

In an effort to post some fun stuff I have been branching out on, here is the wall pocket I created for my own kitchen! I was fed up with the papers that sit on the counter and collect into annoying piles. It was time to figure something out, so I did the measurements and went to work with my canvas stash. I also used the red to match the top of my curtains on the other wall. I have been so happy with my de-cluttered kitchen counter and I always know right where to look for those papers that just don't have a home!

If there is interest, I could make these for the etsy shop too, let me know!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Pencil Rolls with Matching Bags!

Ugh, has it really been since November since I have posted? I am so sorry that I disappeared for so long. I have been sewing, not as much as before, but different projects here and there. I think of getting on and just posting pictures, maybe I will try to do that more often.
Anyway, I really wanted to share these SUPER CUTE gift sets I have been working on. I made up my own pattern for a colored pencil roll with a matching tote bag. Of course the tote bag was a breeze, since that's what I do best, but it took a little bit of measuring and thinking to get the colored pencil roll right. I'm thinking about writing a simple pattern and selling it in my etsy shop. Time will tell if I get to that. So, just had to share the pictures, if nothing else I want to make some sets up to sell in the shop.
I have also been working on some more produce bags and new aprons that can be used for gardening, crafting, teaching, vending, whatever you can dream up. Head over to my shop and check out the new items! Also, canvas bags to come in the shop, soon!!!