Wednesday, July 21, 2010


My goodness, when I look at the last date I blogged, I can't believe it was almost an entire month ago. I have been busy, I promise! I have 2 big accomplishments to mention here for the month.

The first one doesn't have anything to do with sewing, but everything to do with my precious children! Earlier this month, I created 5 photo books in the kodak gallery to document each of my children's lives up to this point. There is a book for each kid, for each year of their life, minus the current year which I will be completing before Christmas, but that's only 2 books left, I already did 5!! I don't think that you can fully understand the magnitude of this project until I tell you that I had to go through thousands of pictures and relive all of those years, then organize them into the actual books. Anyway, it was a huge project, I'm so excited to be caught up and I can't wait to complete one book per year going forward! The books should arrive in the mail on Friday and I'm more than excited!

The second accomplisment is a twin size quilt for my daughter to use on the new "big girl" bed we will be putting her into next month. I think I mentioned that I would be doing this project, and now it's done. The quilt went together in record time, and was so easy. I used Amy Butler's "Lotus Brick Path" quilt pattern with Heather Bailey's new "Nicey Jane" fabric line. And for the backing I used a vintage Holly Hobbie twin flat sheet. I love, love, love this quilt and I know she will too! Oh, how could I forget to point out the pink pom poms that are sewn into the corners, so sweet!

Next project on the list...A wedding guest book quilt for my dear friend who is getting married in Septmeber.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Drink Sleeves!

Well, I have been working on a large drink sleeve order for some very lucky moms come this fall! I just had to give a little peek to everyone else. I made 50 coffee sleeves, in 10 sets of 5 fabric combos. They turned out FANTASTIC! It was also fun because I was able to order some color variations that I don't usually choose, but it turns out I will order again. Most of the fabric was from Heather Bailey's, Nicey Jane and there were a few Amy Butler fabrics in there too. Will be hard to part with these, they are really cool!

I think I might make up some similar combos for my etsy shop, we'll see if I've sewn on enough buttons this week or not! And after that, I'm super excited because I will be making a twin quilt for my daughter. We are possibly moving her to a big girl bed at the end of the summer, so she will need a girly quilt! I will use a free pattern Amy Butler has on her site, and most of the pink and yellow fabrics from the Nicey Jane collection. I'm really into this fabric line right now, fresh, vintagey, and colorful! So, stay tuned for the next finished project! I will try not to stay away so long next time.