Monday, February 21, 2011

Pencil Rolls with Matching Bags!

Ugh, has it really been since November since I have posted? I am so sorry that I disappeared for so long. I have been sewing, not as much as before, but different projects here and there. I think of getting on and just posting pictures, maybe I will try to do that more often.
Anyway, I really wanted to share these SUPER CUTE gift sets I have been working on. I made up my own pattern for a colored pencil roll with a matching tote bag. Of course the tote bag was a breeze, since that's what I do best, but it took a little bit of measuring and thinking to get the colored pencil roll right. I'm thinking about writing a simple pattern and selling it in my etsy shop. Time will tell if I get to that. So, just had to share the pictures, if nothing else I want to make some sets up to sell in the shop.
I have also been working on some more produce bags and new aprons that can be used for gardening, crafting, teaching, vending, whatever you can dream up. Head over to my shop and check out the new items! Also, canvas bags to come in the shop, soon!!!


  1. Oh Wow!

    I made a few pencil rolls today with the thought in mind if I manage to get them down pat, they could make cute gifts, as well as makeup rolls, first aid rolls, tool rolls etc (something for the men for once!) But adding a matching bag is just too too clever! It baffles me how everyone gets their rolls to sit so flat, is there a hint? Mine are all bumpy bottomed :/

    Hope you don't mind if i 'follow' you (",)

  2. The only thing I can think of, is that you need to sew the pocket on, with all of its lines down to separate the pencils, before you sew the roll together.

    I always sew the pocket onto the canvas, then sew the backing and the canvas right sides together and "pillow turn" it and sew a finishing seam around the edge to close up the hole left from turning. Does that help?

    I'm happy to have you follow me! I just couldn't find your blog to check out your stuff! Thanks for your interest and for reading!!