Friday, October 8, 2010

Where oh where did I go?

I wish I could give you a good reason as to why I haven't blogged for SO LONG, but I can't. Time has just been getting away from me. So, I have a little catching up to do. Here is the run down of the pictures you see above, they are all so amazing in person!
First up, the Practical Tote I made for my sister using Anna Maria Horner's Festival in Tangerine. Unfortunately, I gave it to her last week, so summer is just about over, but it really turned out cute! The pattern was pretty easy, and I made a couple more that I may post pictures of, if I ever get around to taking them. I plan to use the one I made for myself as an everyday tote, I'm excited!
Next up, the baby quilt I made for my nephew that is going to be making his entrance anyday, I just know it! I used Dancing Dinos from Michael Miller with some plain brown Kona cotton. It turned out amazing. The colors are much brighter in person. For an added surprise, I pieced some of the fabric together for the back, love this quilt! Hand quilted too, quite a project! It's huge, he will be able to use it until he's 18!
Last but not least, this is just a simple wall hanging I "threw" together for my sister. It really was her lucky day last week once I got all my sewing done that I had for her! Just 3 simple pieces of fabric sewn together and machine quilted. Turned out very festive!
So, next on my list is putting together and quilting that guest book quilt I have in the works. Stay tuned for pictures of that to come. Really, next week, I'm getting to it. Fall is my favorite time of year to hand quilt, so I'm anxious to get it going! I will keep you posted! Happy October to all! Hope you are enjoying it as much as I am!