Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On a Roll!

I know you have seen a few of these, but I'm just so excited to have 6 bags completed in just 3 days that I had to share the whole lot of them! They are going on etsy right now, and they are all so much fun! Go take a look at their individual pictures!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Busy Me

So, I seem to be averaging about a post a week. With Valentine's day this weekend and President's day, we were very busy around our house, having so much fun hanging out! But I did complete 3 small totes yesterday, and have another one cut out and ready to zip together. Plus I came up with the dimensions for my new medium tote. I have been struggling with what I want that to look like and how the Home Decor fabric I chose will handle my plans. So, tomorrow, I will sew up that small tote, maybe tomorrow night I will put together the first medium tote and see how my plans work out. Anyway, kind of boring stuff, but there has to be boring for there to be fun! Here is a quick picture of the 3 small totes, thought that might make the post a little more exciting!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Amazing Fabric

Isn't it glorious?! This is the fabric I ordered that will make about 14 bags. I answered some of those, "what to do" questions and figured I would just dig in and start making bags for my etsy site. When the magazine article does hit, my goal is to have as much of a variety in my shop as I can, so I'm getting started now! I have toted this bunch of fabric to a few places, sharing is beauty with those that can appreciate it, now it's time to get out the rotary cutter...My plan, have a few bags completed by the middle of next week, so much to do between now and then!!!

Also, here is a picture of the pillows I made for the kids for Valentine's day.

I was going to make a couple of monsters, like the blue one, but I just felt like these might get more use and love in the long run. So, they get pillows and they are non the wiser. I think they turned out pretty cute, and I know they will be a big hit!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Drum roll please...
I wanted to tell all of you that one of my small tote bags will be featured in a May issue of Woman's World magazine. I heard from the magazine's fashion editor last month about the possiblity, but was waiting to find out for sure. So, it's official, I'm going to be published, what an amazing opportunity, I can't even believe it!

Now the fun (and the questions) begin!! What if I can sell more bags than I can make? How many bags should I make to put into my etsy shop to be prepared for the release? Which fabrics should I use? What styles of bags should I make? Should I put my Oak Street pattern out there?What about copyright and trademark? Are they necessary? How much should I charge for each product? Where do I start? Yikes, but I am beside myself with excitement, thankfully my husband is helping to direct me, as I can become overwhelmed with something that has so much potential. I really need a lot of luck with this one! Thanks for your wishes!

Fun Stuff

So, here are a few projects I have been working on, inbetween my sewing projects:

I made this little blue monster for my nephew's 1st birthday, he gave it the biggest hug after unwrapping! My kids even liked it so much, I am going to make them each one for Valentine's day, different body shapes though. They will be cute!

And the hearts are made out of felt circles. Here is the link to the We added spray glitter, white beads and pinking sheared edges to ours. They were a bit time consuming, but grandma, mom and I took turns cutting and pinning to pass the day away, each one of us taking one home. We also made one for my sister, who was not able to join us for the fun.

I hope you will come back tomorrow for a visit, I want you to share my SUPER EXCITING news!!!