Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Big Order!

Just thought I would pop in really quick and show you this stack of gorgeousness (is that even a word?). I will be using this mostly Amy Butler stack of fabric, mostly Soul Blossoms, to create 57 small tote bags for my now largest order ever! I'm really excited to be working with such beautiful pieces, the bags are going to be amazing! I separated the large job into 7 different combos in order to make it less overwhelming. So far I have the first combo about half finished. Luckily I have until the beginning of June to finish and ship the whole lot, so I'm trying to fit in sewing when I can. Life is crazy, so I'm doing my best, but am very hopeful that I will finish these long before their due date. After all, this time last year I finished 40 of these totes in 6 days, see this post, guess these will be a piece of delicious cake then! If I don't check in for a bit you will know why...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Kid Stuff

Well, I'm a little later than I had hoped to be, but here is the picture of the fabric I used for the new colored pencil roll and bag sets. There are 2 combinations for boys and 2 for girls and they all look SO cute!! I will just tease you with these fabrics and you can check out my shop this weekend for what they actually look like. Some lucky kids out there are going to be enjoying these really bright, fun fabrics very soon!