Friday, February 25, 2011

Wall Pocket

In an effort to post some fun stuff I have been branching out on, here is the wall pocket I created for my own kitchen! I was fed up with the papers that sit on the counter and collect into annoying piles. It was time to figure something out, so I did the measurements and went to work with my canvas stash. I also used the red to match the top of my curtains on the other wall. I have been so happy with my de-cluttered kitchen counter and I always know right where to look for those papers that just don't have a home!

If there is interest, I could make these for the etsy shop too, let me know!


  1. Nice to see you post again! Good idea with the wall pocket!

  2. Thanks, it is great to be back. I feel like I have some new ideas and the time to put them together! I appreciate you all hanging in there while I took a little break!