Monday, May 2, 2011

Project Updates...

Well, as you can see, I have extremely busy, although if I was only busy with this part of my life, I think I would be much further along on my projects. I have completed 2 sets of the bags for my big order, they turned out so nice, much better in person! (I think it is almost time for a new camera, these pictures are not as good as they could be, sorry!) I also sewed the top of the guest book quilt together and it's ready for hand quilting, hopefully this week I will get a large portion of that finished.

And I had 2 shows last week, a small show at our preschool that was quite a success for Mother's day, and the Garden Show that I did last year. Unfortunately, the Garden Show was a bust this year, so maybe I will skip it next year, but I came out a bit ahead of the game between the two shows, so that felt good! I was really excited about my displays this time around though, I had the dress form for my aprons and I added produce to the bags to show their size. So, live and learn!

I am off to cut some fabric for more of that bag order, I wish I could spend the morning shopping for fabric and patterns, maybe tomorrow...

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  1. Wish I could spend the morning shopping with you!!