Monday, November 1, 2010

Guest Book Quilt

Well, it is finally complete, the Guest Book Quilt I started months ago. I really, really like how it turned out! The front is several different fabrics in a very simple square and circle pattern. The guests wrote on individual squares at the wedding, and I sewed them together when I got home. I used grey Kona Cotton on the back and the inset strip was one of the table runners from the wedding that I incorporated into the final product. I hand quilted this and really loved the results once I washed it. Can't wait to send it home to the happy new couple! If you have any questions about making a guest book quilt, feel free to contact me. There isn't much information out there about them, but you can really do whatever pattern you like. On to the next project, wonder what I can dream up...


  1. Wow - it's gorgeous. Do the guest write on it then?

  2. Never mind - I am a dork and just realized they-already- wrote on them... hmm it's Monday :)