Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Sewing

One of the things I love about knowing how to sew is that when you need, or want something specific, you can make it. Sometimes it requires finding a pattern, other times it takes thinking of your own pattern and hoping that it works. I feel like I have really perfected the latter of those options over the past couple of years.

I found this cute, vintage picnic basket during a recent antique shop visit and I had to have it for the price. Of course, what am I going to do with a picnic basket I asked myself, well have picnics of course my friend said as I tried to talk myself out of it. My love of the basket won out. Of course, I have already started using it as a bag, carrying sewing projects and magazines, so I decided it needed a liner. I started measuring, sewing and this was the final product. I LOVE the fabric and had been waiting for the perfect project to use it for. This was it!! Now I have a functional, cute basket for picnics or whatever else I decide to use it for, I am a happy girl! I also decided if I'm going to have a cute basket for picnics, I need a cute blanket to go with it! So, I set out to reduce my scrap basket by cutting 4" squares out of just about every piece in there. Approximately 290 squares later I have the beginning of a scrap picnic quilt. Stay tuned for pictures of that project, it is in the making!

And I have to mention the skirt pictured here because it was completely free for me! My grandma gave me the piece of denim, she had the pattern, I had the zipper and the fabric I used for the flower. I have been wanting to make a skirt with a flower for 2 years now and when I saw the denim, I knew it was perfect! I love the casualness of this skirt, but it can also dress up easily! I have already worn it a couple of times, despite the cooler weather, can't wait til it gets nicer and I have more opportunities to show it off! Finally, projects for myself! Back to the sewing machine....

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