Monday, February 28, 2011

Meet, The "Market Tote"

So, here it is, I couldn't wait to share it because I think it is so fun! This is the new canvas tote I mentioned yesterday, just finished tweaking the pattern and sewing these babies up! I'm calling it the Market Tote because I feel like it would make a great addition to your farmer's market trip, especially with some of the reusable produce bags I just put into my etsy shop! It's a single layer of canvas, with some raw-edged cotton fabrics added to give it some flair and a handy pocket. I am going to take some pictures and add these to my shop as soon as the sun comes back. Could be a few days though. Until then, I would love to answer any questions or take orders. Not sure how much I will charge just yet, still mulling that over. Enjoy these bright bags, especially if the weather is as grey where you are as it is here!!!

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