Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Fabric

I am getting so excited, I have just posted my newest Kimberly bag on etsy and figured out how to add my etsy gallery to this blog. Today has been very productive as far as bags go. I chose some new fabric from Moda, here is a little taste. I will be putting this on etsy either tomorrow or Thursday depending on when I have time to actually make the bag up. I am also excited about the encouragement I am getting from everyone around me! Okay, I will post my giveaway later, I better get back to work, I mean fun! :}


  1. Cutest fabric ever!! I can't wait to see the results :)

  2. I'm making a quilt out of those fabrics now...beautiful.

  3. oh, i want a bag just like the Giveaway picture here!....if its possible...
    I am unable to post in the giveaway comments...the comment screen is not complete...so, i cannot enter the contest...
    a glitch, perhaps...or, maybe too many entries! your new pattern is wonderful...
    my email is jlulu52@rogers.com if you could email me to let me know if i can buy
    my bag....i know you have Etsy, but wanted to get a bag like the giveaway one...so, let me know...was not sure how i could reach you in there...thanks, http://gypsyluludelights.blogspot.com/