Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pattern Writing

Well, I wish I had some pictures to post, because that would mean that I was actually sewing, which is the part I enjoy most apparently! I wrote out the draft of my pattern for the Kimberly bag last weekend, but haven't been motivated to type it up yet. I got up the nerve this evening, and it is tough. I haven't really written anything besides emails and blog entries since having my kids and it takes a bit to get my brain in gear. Not to mention this heat wave we are having which makes it hard to focus on anything. But, here I am, where I have been for the past 90 minutes, typing away, trying to focus on this pattern while watching a movie with my husband. I wish I were sewing instead of writing. I did take a break today from bags and cut out some very small pieces for a little 12" square quilt I have been longing to put together, that was fun for a change. Anyway, I better get back to this pattern writing, argh! But I will make millions when I'm done, right...
Wish me luck!


  1. Kristie do have fun writing out the patterns..I dont think anyone likes that part of it all. I would rather do the sewing part anyday.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, I need it! I guess I only have to write it once and then it's done so I will hang in there!

  3. Hi Kristie!
    Good on you for sticking at it - how is it going?! Pattern-writing is much harder than it looks... I am the biggest procrastinator you will meet and still yet to release any of my half-written patterns!!

    Have you seen a recent post by Loft Creations? Stephanie, there, has raved on about a book on the subject of pattern writing - you might want to check it out! Let me know if you need a link!

    Keep it up - practice makes perfect! Have you got a friend to test the pattern for you? That may give you confidence, too.

    Warm wishes!
    Vikki :-)

  4. Thanks Vikki! I actually took a break tonight to work on stuff around the house. I would love to have the link about the book. I didn't realize there was even books out there, I should have known!

    I do have a couple of friends to test the pattern, I'm excited about getting to that point! I guess I just thought this was going to be easier, maybe if I read the book that will help! THanks for the encouragement and the advice!