Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kimberly's Name Change

Well, I'm so sad today, but I realize the change was probably necessary. Instead of being able to call this bag the Kimberly bag after my daughter, I have changed it's name to the Oak Street Bag. I am starting to do some promoting at local shops and I didn't want my pattern being confused with Amy Butler's Kimberly bag. Although, it would be great for me, I figured some shops might not want to stock it for fear of customer confusion.
So, tomorrow I will be debuting this cute little card that my dear friend made up for me. We will be doing a local Quilt Shop Hop and I hope to pass these out at each shop we get to. Then I must get back to the pattern drawing board because I think pattern publishing is going to be a longer process than I anticipated. Wish me luck!!!

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