Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Fun

So, you will have to excuse my pictures on this post. The weather here has been less than cooperative for good pictures outside, so I had to take these inside last week and they didn't turn out the greatest. Aren't they fun though? The first pic is my new sewing apron, made with Amy Butler's new fabric, Memento and Sun Spots. I am forever pulling strings off my pants after I complete an afternoon of sewing, so this will help with that, plus it just makes me feel special when I put it on!

Second pic is a clutch I made with some scraps from the medium tote in my last post. It was a pattern I found in my Amy Butler book, Institches. It was pretty easy, didn't turn out quite like I had hoped, but I might modify the idea to make my own clutch, it's been on my to do list for awhile, designing a clutch I mean. Maybe soon, we'll see.

The last pic is the travel bag I made for myself, yep, for myself. I have made enough of these for other people, and been needing one, so I used my favorite Anna Maria Horner fabric, Festival, and made it up!! I have it sitting on my dresser just so I can look at it until we take another small trip. Of course, after I showed it around, I had a few people say they would like to have one, so maybe in my free time I will "whip" up a few more.

Speaking of travel bags, I have been meaning to look for a pattern to make a larger travel bag, one that has pockets for shampoo and conditioner and enough room to put everything I need in one bag. Does anyone know of a good pattern for something like that?

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